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Nylos recommends the best food for your gut health

Your gut is unique, just like you

Nylos analyses your gut microbiome health and recommends food you should eat and avoid. Follow your bespoke personalised nutrition plan to optimise towards your goals. Whether it be improving gut health, weight loss, sleep, boost energy or reduce menstrual pain, Nylos can help you achieve good health and well-being.

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Personalised Tips

Based on your results Nylos will recommend which foods to eat and which foods to avoid to get you feeling your best.

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Achieve your goals

Select from a range of goals to work towards. Whether it be losing weight, reduce bloating or improve sleep, Nylos will help you get there.

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Check your gut score

Nylos analyzes your gut microbiome to identify and quantify the good and bad bacteria living in your gut.

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Feel good wellness

Our holistic approach to well-being means you receive wellness tips to get you on top of your game both physically and mentally.

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Nylos uses microbiome tests to identify and quantify the bacteria living in your gut. Your unique gut microbiomes will inform you on influences on your metabolism, body weight, appetite and mood.