Check your gut health

Get to know your unique gut health, its microbiome composition and all the bacteria living in it.

Personalised food tips

Get food tips based on your results. Nylos will recommend which foods to eat and which foods to avoid tailored to you.

Feel balanced

Nylos' food tips balance your gut microbiome and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Your gut is unique, just like you

Nylos recommends the best food for you

Nylos analyses your gut microbiome health and recommends food you should eat and avoid. Follow your bespoke personalised nutrition plan to optimise towards your goals. Whether it be improving gut health, weight loss, sleep, boost energy or reduce menstrual pain, Nylos can help you achieve good health and wellbeing.

The Nylos app

Your personalised dashboard

In the Nylos app you can see all your results, the personalised food tips. You can also select from a range of goals to work towards. Whether it be losing weight, reduce bloating or improve sleep, Nylos will help you get there.

Advanced sequencing technology

Backed by science

The microbiome has been the object of scientific studies for many years and has been widely talked about in leading scientific magazines. Nylos uses the latest technology to test it in labs of the highest quality. Read more about the science behind the microbiome and the technology we use.

How it works

Easily collect the sample at home

The kit will arrive within 2-3 working days and includes all you need to easily collect the sample at home.

Learn about your microbiome

Know your gut score, see your microbiome composition and much more.

Improve your gut health

Get personalised food tips on how to improve the bacteria diversity and how to achieve your goals. 


"Nylos food tips have given me the balance I was looking for."


"I finally solved my gut problems discovering new insights about my gut microbiome."

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