We have already experienced how personalised nutrition can change our lives. In the past years, wearable devices that can track our weight, exercise habits, temperature and various other factors have helped influence the way we move our bodies and how much we eat in day-to-day life.

Public awareness of personalised health has been on the increase since the development of these devices and their accessibility to the consumer. Understanding our own caloric needs and our own lifestyle is no longer something reserved for the medical professionals and elite.

However we all know that personalized nutrition is so much more than just exercise and calories. Our gut bacteria can act as a window into our own specific needs and the technology is here to utilise.

The next step to understanding our own personal nutrition at a granular level has emerged. To be precise, our unique balance of gut microbiome (bacteria) can be analysed to guide us towards the best foods for our own bodies – and you no longer have to find a private lab on the other-side of the world to carry out the tests.

The way we eat will no longer be based on suggestions of self-proclaimed experts, but will be dictated by our very own biological nature: It’s time to trust our gut.

Health is rightly attributed as a journey to feeling amazing. It is something very personal, and instead of putting everyone on the same recommended diet, we should be honouring our unique bodies and what they tell us.

Nylos is glad to be part of the next wave of companies that are transforming the nutritional-health landscape; where taking our own personal health into our own hands, with hard-scientific data at the core, is being encouraged and celebrated.