The gut microbiome is constituted by millions of microbes. It is dominated by two main groups of bacteria, Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. The amount and types of bacteria vary from person to person, like a unique fingerprint. Bacteria are present in the entirety of your gastrointestinal tract but are mostly present in the colon. Diets affect our gut microbiome.

For example, a diet rich in protein and fat will result in more Bacteroidetes being present in your gut microbiome. Studies show that one day only of a vegan diet can alter you’re your microbiome community. However, it quickly reverts back to normal if the diet isn’t sustained. Two parts of our diet that are capable to uniquely modify our microbiome are prebiotics and probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganism that offer health benefits, which are naturally already present in our guts.

You can check our latest article about which food is rich in those. Prebiotics are food components that are used by host microbes. Usually, those high fibers make their way to the intestine without being broken down and fermented in turn there by gut bacteria. Prebiotics are basically food for our gut’s microbes.

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